CEF and Ecology

Ecology- “study of the relationship of living things to their environment.”

The Children’s Earth Foundation is an environmental education non-for profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in our urban and rural areas. We are beginning with the inner city where conditions are at the worst. We have committed ourselves to restoring these decaying areas, removing all environmentally unfriendly conditions and teaching children and adults how to care for and improve your own community starting right at home.

We exist to provide and secure healthy living conditions for all people. We are committed to making our cities sustainable and environmentally friendly for everyone to enjoy. We will be cleaning up trash filled vacant lots and transforming them into beautiful green places and gardens. We will be planting trees to provide shade and to help clean the air of pollution, taking children on field trips in and out of the city, and working to create better jobs and markets.  

We plan to employ young people in all of our programs. We need your help as members, part of our urban action corp., block coordinators, chair people on various projects, tree guardians, gardeners, youth and civil divisions. Call us and sign up for one of our programs.

Mission Statement

C.E.F. is an environmental education non-for profit organization. Here at CEF our mission is to teach the responsibility and accountability of every person to keep themselves and the environment pollution free. We are established and dedicated to transforming our communities into clean and sustainable communities through environmental education.

We are an action oriented organization with a passion for cleaning up our communities and educating the general public how to maintain a sustainable and green society. Furthermore, we exist to provide a clean environmentally educated earth for all people to enjoy for a perpetual generation.


  • To conduct charitable, scientific and educational activities for the purpose of developing in our urban and rural communities an awareness of the environment and its effect on people.
  • To aid in efforts to eliminate unhealthy and unsanitary living conditions.
  • To encourage, foster and assist participation by residents in the planning of housing development and community improvement programs.
  • To conduct studies on environmental problems in our urban and rural areas.
  • To disseminate information and provide technical assistance to residents on subjects useful and beneficial to the community including housing, tenant rights, health, crime prevention, sanitation, employment, recycling, street improvement and beautification.

Two Year Goals

Environmental Education

  • Conduct classroom workshops on environmental education in elementary schools, junior high and high schools throughout the city of Chicago.
  • Conduct a series of seminars and workshops for adults on litter and sanitary conditions in homes, schools and in the streets, to teach accountability, responsibility and love for one’s self and their community.
  • Conduct informal seminars on household hazardous waste, the proper disposal methods and alternatives to chemical products.

Environmental Research

  • Assemble a group of scientist to monitor air quality in and around rat infested abandoned buildings and trash filled lots.
  • Review environmental and clinical studies of the effects of carbon monoxide on people, ozone and airborne particulates at levels now present in the city and assess the effects of pollutants on early childhood behavior.

Environmental Action

  • Map abandoned buildings and vacant lots, showing which are city owned and privately owned and where they are located block by block.
  • Inventory existing community based organizations to avoid duplication but to help enhance.
  • Encourage planting shrubs, trees, flowers and recycling.