Solution to the Crime Epidemic

Greetings and good tidings to all my fellow citizens, this is the call for all concerned citizens to assist in saving our communities where crime is at a climax and poverty has become a way of life. I am Christopher Shuttlesworth. I am an ecologist and founder of Children’s Earth Foundation. My fellow citizens, what shall I liken this generation unto? This generation is like unto two schools of learning. The first school is appositive school of thought; here students learn refinement, cleanliness and seeing the positive aspects of life. However, the second school is just the opposite; here students learn unrefined behavior, poverty and all sorts of negative conduct even to the point of murdering one of God’s little children. Here we will discuss some of the steps being taken and the solution to this crime epidemic which is affecting us all.

Over thirty percent of children in Chicago live in poverty. The common denominator between our violent communities is that they are filthy, underserved and residents are not aware of the side effects of living in an unclean environment. Putting more police in the communities is one of the steps being taken but it is not the solution. We should issue a positive response to violence by educating our youth of the dangers and side effects of an unclean environment. Look at the children. See how beautiful they are? Look at their environment. It is totally the opposite. If you plant a garden and you don’t care for it properly weeds will begin to spring up and take over what was once very beautiful. The children are the flowers but the weeds of crime and poverty have sprung up and have begun to take over our youth. Because of this our children rebel and become part of the negative school of thought.

We should make positive alternatives more accessible to our youth. Get our youth involved in the positive development during early childhood development. This would make them positive leaders rather than the destructive behavior that has been passed down and accepted until this day. Let us who are environmentally conscious and know the sustainable aspects of life teach our youth and fellow citizens that need to know but know not. Let us tear down this negative school of thought in our community and erect a brand new school of cleanliness and environmental education. Let us teach the beautiful aspects of life as we were taught by those who knew.

Furthermore, those of us who do not live direct within these conditions are also affected. Wherefore, if you think second hand cigarette smoke is hazardous then how much more is second hand violence? Crime is a direct result of our filthy environment and does not stay contained in the environment it began but shall soon reach every community. In order for us to live in a sustainable society all communities must be so or none shall be. Of all that I have said this is the sum; we at CEF have the solution to the crime epidemic. The solution is to invest in our communities by cleaning them up, and environmentally educating the community how to maintain a sustainable society. Most importantly, people must be aware of the responsibility and be held accountable to live pollution free. Only then will we see a new heaven and a new earth. A little yeast makes the whole loaf rise and a little effort from everyone will make are earth rise.